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Global fossil fuels supplies dwindling


Fast-growing, easily utilised marine algae which fix carbon dioxide


Oil production from cultivated micro-organisms


Energy readily convertible from marine plants

Welcome to the BioMara school zone

Energy from Marine Algae school resource coverThe BioMara project has produced a range of teaching materials for primary schools in Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to create awareness of algae and how energy can be produced from them. The materials consider both seaweeds (also called macroalgae) and microalgae (also called phytoplankton).

There are six lesson plans, identification information for seaweeds and a poster. You can either download these separately or in one. Hard copies were sent to 900 schools across the three regions.

Click here to download the entire BioMara teaching resource: Energy from Marine Algae (30.3MB)

Information for teachers

Each lesson consists of a content section and an activity section. The content section provides the background knowledge for the teacher. The activity section comprises of a brief description of the lesson, learning outcomes and a variety of activities that may be used, such as written, pictorial, interactive and experimental activities. The learning outcomes are assessed in each lesson by the final activity. The materials may be adapted to suit the ability of the class. The Irish, Northern Irish and Scottish curricula (as of 2012) were used in the design of the activity sections.

The teaching materials are colour coded:

  • A yellow band identifies the content pages
  • A blue band identifies the activity section
  • A red band identifies activities
  • A green band identifies answer sheets

Energy from Marine Algae: BioMara teaching materials

  1. Lesson 1: What are algae?
  2. Lesson 2: How do algae grow?
  3. Lesson 3: Algae and their environment
  4. Lesson 4: Pollution and algae
  5. Lesson 5: The uses of algae
  6. Lesson 6: How algae can be used to produce biofuel
  7. Macroalgae identification
  8. Scientific investigation sheet
  9. Definitions: busting jargon
  10. Poster 

This resource was designed, written and compiled by Anna Marie Sherry and illustrated by Brian Fitzgerald.

Please let us know what you think of the resources:



This is a free educational resource produced as part of the BioMara project. Please seek
permission from for reproduction of any of these materials.

Any reproduction of these materials should accredit the BioMara project and the EU assistance, under the INTERREG IVA Programme.

Published by The Scottish Association for Marine Science, Scotland, 2012.
ISBN 978-0-9529089-6-8


The views and opinions expressed in this document do not necessarily reflect those of the
European Commission or the Special EU Programmes Body.

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