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Global fossil fuels supplies dwindling


Fast-growing, easily utilised marine algae which fix carbon dioxide


Oil production from cultivated micro-organisms


Energy readily convertible from marine plants

Published papers

Below is a list of papers published relating to work undertaken during the BioMara project

Day JG, Slocombe SP & Stanley MS(2011)  Overcoming biological constraints to enable the exploitation of microalgae for biofuels

Allan GJ (2011)  The regional economic impacts of biofuels: A review of multisectoral modelling techniques and evaluation of applications

Callaway R, Shinn AP, Grenfell SE, Bron JE, Burnell G, Cook EJ, Crumlish M,  Culloty S, Davidson K, Ellis RP, Flynn KJ, Fox C, Green DM, Hays, Hughes AD, Erin Johnston E, Christopher D. Lowe CD, Lupatsch I, Malham S, Mendzil AF, Nickell T, Pickerell T, Rowley AF, Stanley MS, Tocher DR, Turnbull JF, Webb G, Wootton E & Shields RJ (2012) Review of climate change impacts on marine aquaculture in the UK and Ireland 

Vanegas CH & John Bartlett J (2012)  Anaerobic Digestion of Laminaria digitata: The Effect of Temperature on Biogas Production and Composition

Hughes AD, Kelly MS, Black KD & Stanley MS (2012) Biogas from Macroalgae: is it time to revisit the idea? 

Roleda MY, Slocombe SP, Leakey RJG, Day JG, Bell EM & Stanley MS (2012) Effects of temperature and nutrient regimes on biomass and lipid production by six oleaginous microalgae in batch culture employing a two-phase cultivation strategy

Slocombe SP, Ross M, Thomas N, McNeill S, Stanley MS (2012) A rapid and general method for measurement of protein in micro–algal biomass

Slocombe SP, Zhang QY, Black KD, Day JG, Stanley MS (2012) Comparison of screening methods for high-throughput determination of oil yields in micro-algal biofuel strains

Dave A, Huang Y, Rezvani S, McIllveen-Wright D, Novaes M & Hewitt N (2013) Techno-economic assessment of biofuel development by anaerobic digestion of European marine cold water seaweeds

Vanegas CH & Bartlett J (2013) Green energy from marine algae : biogas production and composition from from the anaerobic digestion of Irish seaweed species


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