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Global fossil fuels supplies dwindling


Fast-growing, easily utilised marine algae which fix carbon dioxide


Oil production from cultivated micro-organisms


Energy readily convertible from marine plants

Updates from the researchers

Find out more about the institutes working within BioMara and the scientist and stakeholder facilitators at each

Cultivating seaweeds
Lars Brunner reports on BioMara’s macroalgal cultivation research which ‘feeds’ material into the anaerobic digestion trials and polyphenol characterisation.
Finding genes that produce oil in microalgae
Carole Shellcock, a PhD student at Scottish Association for Marine Science is investigating the genes that code for neutral lipids, triacylglycerides.
Modelling the macroeconomic impacts of algae production
Grant Allan, a post doc at University of Strathclyde is nvestigating the potential economic and social impacts of biofuels from marine algae.
Ecosystem effects of harvesting seaweed for biofuel
PhD student Kyla Orr is modelling ecosystem effects of seaweed harvesting
Using microbes to generate methane
Our postdoc Arlene Rowan is using microbes to generate methane
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