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Global fossil fuels supplies dwindling


Fast-growing, easily utilised marine algae which fix carbon dioxide


Oil production from cultivated micro-organisms


Energy readily convertible from marine plants

Presentations and newsletters

Presentations and newsletters in pdf or .doc format

BioMara launch programme 17 June Belfast
Download the provisional programme for the BioMara launch and stakeholder meeting in Belfast on 17th June
BioMara Belfast launch programme
BioMara Belfast launch programme for 17th June
BioMara introductory talk, Belfast 17 June 2009
Dr Michele Stanley, lead scientist of the BioMara project, presents this talk at the BioMara launch in Belfast
BioMara Newsletter 3
2010 science meeting Schiener
Peter Schiener's talk from the BioMara science meeting
2010 science meeting Roleda
Michael Roleda talk from the BioMara science meeting
2010 science meeting Hernon
Alan Hernon talk from the BioMara science meeting
2010 science meeting Allan
Grant Allan talk from the BioMara science meeting
2010 science meeting Slocombe
Steve Slocombe's talk from the BioMara science meeting
BioMara Newsletter 4 Summer 2010
Download the 4th BioMara newsletter by clicking on the pdf document below
Stornoway program
BioMara Winter newsletter 5
Winter 2010/11 BioMara newsletter, the 5th BioMara newsletter in PDF format. This newsletter was also sent out as an html email.
BioMara newsletter 2 - Belfast stakeholder group
BioMara introductory brochure
BioMara stakeholder talk
Talk by Prof Neil Hewitt from Centre for Sustainable Technologies, School of The Built Environment, University of Ulster,
BioMara newsletter 1
First newsletter issued by BioMara
Magazine feature on BioMara
Energy Engineering Magazine featured BioMara in Febrary 2010. Download the two-page article here.
Peter Schiener's talk on the importance of biofuels
Peter talks about the importance of biofuels as a future energy source
BioMara brochure 2
Download the second information brochure on the BioMara project
Environ 2011 Brian Carpenter
Environ 2011 Alan Hernon
Environ2011 Janet McKennedy
BioMara newsletter summer 2011
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